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Proteus Basic Electronics Course Software

The Proteus Basic Electronics Course software is a small application, created by Dizzy Enterprises, which organises the sample designs in the 'Animated Circuits' sample folder of Proteus; categorising them and providing descriptions.
This application can be used with any version of Proteus, including the demo.

Click here to download

Please note that this application requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 in order to run. The setup program will alert you if .Net 4 is not already installed on your machine.
Basic Electronics Course

Downloadable Models

Below are a few downloadable models, created by Dizzy Enterprises:

Variable Power Supply

Variable voltage source, controlled by a dial.

Click here to download.
Variable Power Supply

Adjustable Linear Power Supply

ALPS adds a current-limiting feature to the VPS.

Click here to download.
Adjustable Linear Power Supply

More Models
For more models, please try the Labcenter forum (registration required).