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Display Solutions Overview
MikroMedia Boards From
MikroMedia boards feature a touch-screen TFT display on the front, and a microcontroller as well as various peripherals mounted on the back.
The boards are available in different sizes (2.8", 4.3" or 5" display) with various different microcontroller options (PIC, PIC24/dsPIC, PIC32, AVR, ARM).
An audio codec, microSD-card socket, accelerometer, serial flash memory and haptic-feedback are amongst the peripherals which may be featured on the boards.
Embedded Video Engine (EVE) Displays From
Embedded Video Engine (EVE) displays feature an FT8xx graphics controller from FTDI. The FT8xx functions like a "graphics card" for microcontrollers (communicating via a fast SPI interface), by taking responsibility for all display rendering and touch-panel input detection responsibilities. This allows for fast display refresh, anti-aliasing, smooth animations, and otherwise stunning graphics - using even low-cost 8-bit MCUs. There is also built-in support for widgets such as gauges, buttons, sliders, etc. Besides for it's display and touch-screen capabilities, the FT8xx can also handle audio responsibilities for the microcontroller.
SmartGLCD R2,750*
SmartGLCD features a 5" mono-chrome display with resistive touch-panel and RGB backlight. This all-in-one solution comes with a PIC18F87K22 microcontroller mounted on the back, and includes features such as a microSD-card socket, piezo buzzer and USB-UART interface..
Display More Display Products
Various other display boards, components and accessories are also available; including LCD displays, LED technologies, and display bezels.
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