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Development Systems From
Boards which can be used to:
  • Develop and prototype microcontroller-based designs
  • Develop, test and debug software
  • Learn about microcontrollers

Available for:
  • PIC (including PIC24, dsPIC and PIC32)
  • Atmel AVR
  • ARM
  • FT90x
  • 8051

Main Boards
All general-purpose boards feature:
  • On-board USB programmer (no need to purchase an external programmer).
  • MikroElektronika-standard IDC10 connectors, used to easily add functionality by connecting any of a huge range of accessory boards.
  • Example programs.
  • USB or external AC/DC power supply option.
  • LEDs and buttons connected to all available port pins (buttons can apply logic high or low when pressed).
  • Pull-up / pull-down option on all port pins.
  • Contrast adjustment on COG, LCD and GLCD displays via potentiometer.
  • Replaceable crystal oscillator on DIP-package boards.
  • Microchip-compatible ICD connector on all PIC boards.
EasyPIC PRO v7
EasyPIC7 (dsPIC30)
Easy 24-33 v6
LV 24-33 v6
EasyPIC Fusion v7
EasyARM v6
EasyMxPROv7  Info
EasyMxPROv7  Info
EasyMxPROv7  Info
EasyFT90x v7
Legend: What's This? "What's this?" (hover mouse for more info). Tick Included.
  Info Info (hover mouse for more info). Tick (Optional) Optional extra.    

Add-On Components
128X64 GLCD with Touch Panel DS1820 Some components are not included as standard with the main boards.
Component Price
2X16 Alphanumeric LCD R200*
128X64 Graphic LCD R575*
Touch-panel (fits 128X64 Graphic LCD) Free
DS1820 Temperature Sensor R72*
RS-232 Serial Cable R120*
Plastic Stylus (for Touch-Panel) R40.50*

Add-On Accessory Boards
EasyWiFi Accessory Board RF-ID Reader A huge range of accessory boards are available. These connect to the main-boards via the MikroElektronika standard IDC10 or mikroBus connectors.

For more information on the accessory boards available, please click here.

*Prices exclude VAT and may be subject to the Rand/Dollar exchange rate / change without notice. Please see the store for more information on pricing.