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Multi-Motivational Therapeutic Apparatus (MMTA)

IsoMotivator IsoMotivator Back Panel   Features
  • Two physical 360° switches on flexible goosenecks
    (Infra-red proximity switches available on request)
  • Programmable Activation, Work and Rest times
  • Programmable Goal number of activations
  • Large display, audible beeper and coloured high-bright LEDs to indicate next movement to patient
  • Single or Dual switch mode
  • 10-Amp trip-switch

What is an MMTA?
An MMTA is a device designed for use in occupational therapy, to encourage a patient to perform a desired repetitive action.
An electrical device, which the patient is interested in, is plugged into the "switched output" mains plug present on the MMTA. Switches are placed in different configurations and the patient should press the switches within given time periods, or the device plugged into the MMTA (such as a TV or a tool) will be switched off.
A single switch could be used, requiring only small movements from the patient, or two switches could be placed far apart; requiring the patient to walk between them.

IsoMotivator Switch
Physical Switch
IsoMotivator Optical Switch
Optical Switch