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MyCAD Icon MyCAD Get It

MyCAD is 2D CAD software capable of exporing DXF and HPGL (.plt) files.
The following elements are supported:
Point, Line, Arc, Circle, Rectangle, Polygon.
The following commands are supported:
Move, Rotate, Scale, Copy, Mirror, Offset, Polar Array, Radial Array, Path Array, Cut, Join, Trim, Extend, Fillet.
Extensive snapping functionality is available.
Commands may be executed via a command line and/or the mouse.
MyCAD Screenshot

Skeletons Skeletons Get It

The Skeletons software was inspired by the Strandbeest "animals".
"Skeletons" can be constructed, from "joints" and "bones", and then animated - in order to observe the effect that altering elements of the skeleton has on it's overall behaviour.
In the screenshot on the right, a "leg" has been designed: a rotating entity drives a framework which results in a "stride" pattern (traced by the bottom joint of the design). The black joint is point-constrained (cannot move), and the joint on the right is constrained to a circular path. Elements of the skeleton may be modified, and the "stride" pattern is updated in real-time. In the stride trace; red indicates a higher speed of the joint, and green indicates a lower speed.
Skeletons Screenshot

Countdown Timer Icon Countdown Timer Get It

Countdown Timer
Countdown Timer counts down to a time and date. Time remaining is displayed in weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. Time remaining can also be reported as a total of just one of these values (excluding 'weeks').

File Extension Changer Icon File Extension Changer Get It

File Extension Changer is a small utility which enables the user to change file extensions easily. It integrates into the "Send To" section of the Windows Explorer context menu.

Loan Shark Icon Loan Shark Get It

Loan Shark helps keep track of loans and investments. Transactions and interest rate changes may be made on an account, and the value of the account at a specified date can then be calculated. Interest rates may be converted between nominal and effective, and the number of monthly payments needed to repay the loan may be calculated.