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Ready-Start Systems From
  • Cost-effective
  • Contain all the basic components you need to develop your microprocessor-based solution
Available for:
  • PIC
  • AVR
  • 8051
General Boards
The following boards feature:
  • Prototyping area (except for Breeze boards).
  • MikroElektronika-standard IDC10 connectors (except for SMT microcontroller boards and Breeze boards) for easily connecting any of a large range of add-on boards (for more information please click here or see the store).
  • USB with serial UART interface (FT232R chip).
  • Reset button.
  • Optional plastic enclosures (casings) available for the "Ready for ..." boards (for more information please see the store).
Board Supported Microcontrollers Pins (DIP) Price Casing
(Amicus compatible)
PIC (8-bit)
PIC18F25K22 or PIC18F25J50 included
28 From
Ready for PIC PIC (8-bit)
PIC18F45K22 or PIC18F25K22 included
28/40 R985* R310*
PIC-Ready 2 PIC (8-bit) 18 R585*  
dsPIC-Ready1 dsPIC30F (3011, 4011, ...) 40 R585*  
dsPIC-Ready2 dsPIC30F (3014, 4013, ...) 40 R585*  
dsPIC-Ready3 dsPIC30F (2010, 3010,
4012, 2012, 3013 , ...)
28 R600*  
dsPIC-Ready4 dsPIC30F (1010, 2020, ...) 28 R585*  
Ready for AVR AVR - Comes with ATmega16 40 R985* R310*
mikroXMEGA ATxmega128A1 only (included) N/A (SMT) R785*  
Ready for XMEGA ATxmega128A1 only (included) N/A (SMT) R1,150* R310*
AVR-Ready2 AVR 28 R585*  
8051-Ready Atmel 8051 20/40/44 R495*  

Ready for PIC

"Clicker" Boards
"Clicker" boards are compact and cost-effective boards featuring one or more mikroBus sockets, which makes it easy to connect any of a huge range of mikroElektronika "click" accessory boards to them. They come with a USB bootloader (no programmer necessary).

Board Microcontroller mikroBus Sockets   Price
PIC Clicker PIC18F47J53 1   R310*
PIC32MX Clicker PIC32MX354F064H 1   R785*
STM32 M4 Clicker STM32F415RG 1   R785*
CEC1302 Clicker CEC1302 1   R785*
Kinetis Clicker MK22FN512VLH12 1   R785*
clicker 2 for PIC18FJ PIC18F87J50 2   R785*
clicker 2 for PIC32MX PIC32MX460F512L 2   R985*
clicker 2 for STM32 STM32F407VGT6 2   R1,900*
clicker 2 for CEC1302 CEC1302 2   R985*
clicker 2 for Kinetis MK64FN1M0VDC12 2   R985*
clicker 2 for FT90X FT900 2   R1,150*
Flip & click (Arduino) AT91SAM3X8E 4   R690*
PIC Clicker
USB Boards
USB boards are small form-factor boards targeted at USB functionality. They contain two prototyping areas, and could be used as dataloggers, MP3 players, etc. They come with a USB bootloader (no programmer necessary).

Board Microcontroller   Price
StartUSB for PIC PIC18F2550   R390*
StartUSB for AVR AT90USB162   R390*
StartUSB for PIC
"Mini" Boards
"Mini" boards come with a USB bootloader, and are designed to fit a DIP form-factor.
Board Microcontroller Form-Factor Price
MINI-32 PIC32MX534F064H DIP40 (pin-compatible with PIC16F887) R585*
MINI-AT ATmega328 DIP26 R370*
Mini-M0 for STM32 STM32F051R8 DIP40 (pin-compatible with PIC16F887) R585*
Mini-M4 for Stellaris LX4F320H5QR  DIP40 (pin-compatible with PIC16F887) R585*
Mini-M4 for TIVA TM4C123GH6PM DIP40 (pin-compatible with PIC16F887) R985*
Mini-M4 for STM32 STM32F415RG DIP40 (pin-compatible with PIC16F887) R1,500*
Other Boards
Board Microcontroller   Price
MMC/SD Card Ready for PIC PIC18F252   R585*

MMC/SD Card Ready for PIC

*Prices exclude VAT and may be subject to the Rand/Dollar exchange rate / change without notice. Please see the store for more information on pricing.