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Software for the small-scale manufacturer

Dizzy Enterprises originally developed the "Manufacturing" software for in-house use, however soon realised that it performed a very generic task and would likely be useful to others as well.

The software can be used for a number of purposes:

Parts Database
An organisable and searchable database of parts. Properties can be specified for the parts; such as suppliers, cost, stock-codes, etc. Looking for the stock-code of an item whilst on the phone to your supplier? This can be done quickly and easily. Want to check what a part should cost? Just as easy.
Bill-of-Materials (BOM) Database
Create hierarchical representations of which parts are required to complete your finished products ("assemblies").
Cost Calculation
Calculate the total cost of your hierarchical assembly. Calculations are done on-the-fly, and fluctuations in the price of parts are immediately reflected. Need to factor in labour costs? Just add a "virtual" labour part. Sometimes use different parts in your assemblies? Just specify one part as being optional, and the other as being optional but included by default.
Shopping List Generation
Generate a shopping-list of all the parts needed to build or complete a certain number of your finished products. Factors such as parts already in stock, and even partially-finished assemblies, are taken into account. Group the shopping-list items by their inventory folder, or by supplier. Export the shopping-list (or part of it) to a spreadsheet and send your supplier a neat table of names, quantities and even stock-codes of the items you require.
Stock Tracking
Track the amount of each part you have in stock, and even keep track of partially-completed assemblies. Can't be bothered to enter every stock-movement into the software? Don't worry, neither can we. Just filter the inventory by the assembly you need to produce, do a quick stock-take on the filtered items, and then produce your shopping-list. You can even easily capture the state of partially-completed assemblies using the "Adjust Stock" dialogue.

To download the software, please click here.
Please note that the software requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5 in order to run - setup will prompt you if these are not already installed on your system.

The un-licensed version of the software is limited to a maximum of 50 parts.
Licensing currently costs R900*.

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Credit-cards accepted.
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