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Microchip PIC Electronics Project Development
Microcontroller-based Electronic Solutions

Dizzy Enterprises can help design and manufacture part/all of your electronics project.
We can help with all aspects of your project, from conceptualising the solution to manufacturing of the completed and packaged product. We specialise in designs based around the Microchip PIC microcontrollers.

Areas we can assist with include:
  • Planning of the project.
  • Designing of the electronic circuit.
  • Software development for PIC microcontrollers (if utilised in the project).
  • Manufacturing of the electronic circuit.
  • Engineering / sourcing of other physical parts of the project; such as housings, graphical overlays, packaging, nuts & bolts, etc.
  • Assembly of the final product.

The rate for electronics project development is R900/hr (excluding VAT), however this is negotiable depending on the project / circumstances.

Some past (and current) projects are listed below:

SimPLC - Remote Control / Monitoring (GSM/GPRS)
MiniCombo The SimPLC was developed for a client who required a hardware platform for building a remotely monitored/controlled pepper-gas alarm system. As with all our designs, we put considerable effort into making it as versatile and multi-purpose as possible; and it is thus also suited to a range of applications outside of the original project scope.

We also developed a state-machine based software framework for interacting with the SIM900 GSM/GPRS module which is featured on the board.

For more information on the SimPLC, please click here.
For more information on the software framework which we developed for the unit, please click here.

Breeze Boards - PIC Microcontroller Prototyping Platforms
MiniCombo Our Breeze boards were designed to complement the existing range of products which we currently distribute. We believe that they are a cost-effective yet extremely versatile and powerful prototyping platform for 28-pin PIC microcontrollers - suitable for professionals, hobbyists and students.

For more information on our Breeze boards, please click here.

Dizzy Digital Trainer
MiniCombo The Dizzy Digital Trainer was developed for a local training institution, for use as part of their Digital Electronics syllabus.

Features include:
  • 16 switches
  • 16 logic probes
  • 8-bit hexadecimal logic display
  • Frequency generation (from 0.1Hz to 1MHz, plus a potentiometer-controlled variable frequency)
  • Pulse generation

Dizzy Enterprises handled the design as well as the manufacture of the units.

The MiniCombo is a medical device offering Interferential, Ultrasound, Light Therapy and Muscle Stim. Dizzy Enterprises developed the software for this machine.

For more information on the MiniCombo please contact DMS Medical Services at:
Tel: +27 11 466 2848
Cell: +27 83 407 4999
Email: dmsm@mweb.co.za


IsoMotivator Dizzy Enterprises manufactures and maintains the software for the IsoMotivator, which is a device used in occupational therapy.

For more information on the IsoMotivator please click here.

Balance Charger/Discharger
Balance Charger/Discharger Dizzy Enterprises designed and built a balance charger/discharger for a 3-cell LiPo battery pack, used in a RC helicopter. The project involved circuit-design/schematic-capture, development of the software, and construction of the final unit.

Small battery monitors with visual/audible warning were also developed to monitor the level of the battery in-flight (pictured below).

Battery Monitors

Other Projects

Due to confidentiality agreements with clients, we cannot list all of the projects on which we have worked.
These include tracking units; involving GPS, GSM/GPRS, and satellite modem communication.