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Soft-material Milling


  Dizzy Enterprises owns a small desktop CNC milling machine, which is well-suited to the milling of soft materials such as plastic.

The machine is used for (amongst other things) the milling of button-, LED-, connector- and mounting-holes in electronic enclosures.

We can assist you with the drafting of your CAD file (our "MyCAD" software was written exactly for this purpose) and the milling of the material.

Although the machine is best-suited to low-volume runs, we will gladly assist with high-volume runs if required. In this case it is best practive to have a "jig" made in order to facilitate fast changing and accurate placement of the material, and we can assist with jig design/drafting/manufacture if necessary.

Please contact us for more information.

Pictured to the left are 8 OKW Comtec boxes, held in place by a laser-cut jig, which are in the process of being milled.