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Windows Computer Software Development
Software Development for Microsoft Windows using the .NET Framework

Dizzy Enterprises specialises in computer software development for the Microsoft Windows platform using the .NET framework.

If you need computer software written - to perform whatever task - then please contact us to discuss your requirements and the best solution for your application.

Areas of expertise include:

Data-driven applications
This may include database design/integration, using (for example) Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL.

Highly graphical applications
Microsoft DirectX can be used to leverage the power of the computer's graphics card.

Complex mathematical applications
Our proprietary MyCAD software used, for example, Newton's Method to divide a NURBS spline into segments of equal lenth.

Setup programs
Software to install your application neatly onto your (or your customer's) computer.

Software to automatically pop-up on your (or your customer's) computer when they insert the product disc into their drive.

Integration with a Local Area Network, or the internet.

Simple Applications
Little tools designed to perform a basic task, and make your life easier.

Development is normally done in VB.NET, however development in C#.NET is available on request. If you need something done in another programming language, such as C++ or Java, then please contact us to discuss your requirements. Our Proteus Models are developed in C++, and we have developed cellphone applications using Java in the past.

The rate for Windows software development is R900/hr (excluding VAT), however this is negotiable depending on the project / circumstances.

All of the screenshots on this page are taken from software developed by Dizzy Enterprises.
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