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Integrated Development Environment and Compiler for producing Microchip PIC microprocessor software in a BASIC language
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Looking for the Amicus hardware board and free compiler? Please click here.

Brief Overview
  • Develop Code for Microchip PIC microprocessors in a BASIC language
  • Built-in support for LCD displays, serial communication, analog-to-digital readings, floating-point math, etc
  • Free upgrades for life, no license renewals
  • Virtual Hardware Boards allow testing (simulation) of code in real-time on the computer, replacing physical hardware boards
  • Free Lite edition available (click here to download). A free version of the compiler for the 18F25K20 / 18F25K22, called the Amicus compiler, is also available.
  • For information on what compiler commands are supported, etc, the help file is available for download (1.46 MB)

Pricing and Licensing
  • Price is R950*.
  • Includes CD and USB Dongle
  • USB dongle is effectively a license key - code may be developed without it, but not compiled. The dongle may be moved from computer to computer as desired.
  • To purchase Proton, please contact us or use our online store/ordering-system.

Product Support
  • Dizzy Enterprises provides free telephonic/email support if possible.
  • If the user picks the package up from Dizzy Enterprises themselves we will provide free training at the time of collection (for a limited time period), if possible.
  • A dedicated online forum, monitored by the developers, is available here.
  • Training is available from Dizzy Enterprises at an hourly rate.

* Prices exclude VAT and are subject to change without notice.