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clicker 2 for FT90X (Go to Parent Category)

clicker 2 for FT90X clicker 2 is a battery-powered click board with two mikroBUS sockets on board allowing you to take advantage of the huge potential of click boards. This clicker 2 is powered by FT900, a 32-bit FT32 core MCU that operates at 100MHz, has 256kB of flash, 64kB on-chip data memory, and 256kB shadow program memory. The shadow program memory is where the code is executed from, enabling the MCU to work with zero wait states at 100MHz — making it faster than many MCUs with higher clock rates. The onboard LTC 3586-1 IC will provide 3.3V or 5V to the clicks. It turns the USB port into a battery charger. For convenience, clicker 2 for FT900 features a reset button and an ON/OFF switch (you can also connect an external ON/OFF switch). clicker 2 has the same pocket-size form factor and the same pair of 1x26 connection pads as mikromedia boards. This makes it compatible with mikromedia shields letting you expand your device any way you want.
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