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Easy8051 v6 (Go to Parent Category)

Easy8051 v6 The Easy8051 v6 is compatible with 14-, 16-, 20-, 28-, 40-pin PLCC44 and PLCC32 MCUs. It comes with an AT89S8253. The board has a USB 2.0 programmer and many peripherals such as COG, port expander, MENU and 4x4 keypads etc.
LCDs purchased seperately.
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Note: LCDs sold separately (COG display included).

Arrow On-board USB programmer (no need to purchase an external programmer). Free 2K limited demo compiler included.
Arrow MikroElektronika-standard IDC10 connectors, used to easily add functionality by connecting any of a huge range of accessory boards (see "Related Items").
Arrow Example programs.
Arrow USB or external AC/DC power supply option.
Arrow LEDs and buttons connected to all available port pins (buttons can apply logic high or low when pressed).
Arrow Pull-up / pull-down option on all port pins.
Arrow Contrast adjustment on COG, LCD and GLCD displays via potentiometers.
Arrow Reset button.
Arrow Supports Atmel 8051 microcontrollers in 18-, 16-, 20-, 28- and 40-pin DIP packages, and 32-, 44-pin PLCC packages.
Arrow Comes with a AT89S8253 microcontroller.
Arrow Includes a 2x16 COG (chip-on-glass) display and 4 7-segment displays, and has place for a 2x16 LCD display and a 128x64 KS0108-type GLCD display (sold separately).
Arrow DS1820 temperature-sensor connector (DS1820 sold separately).
Arrow Potentiometer for ADC (analogue-to-digital converter) input.
Arrow RS-232 (with MAX232) connector.
Arrow 4x4 matrix keypad and menu keypad (directional buttons).
Arrow Precise 4.096V reference voltage available for ADC (analogue-to-digital conversions).
Arrow Port expander enabling additional inputs / outputs.


Supported Microcontrollers
Atmel 8051 Microcontroller Family
AT89LP213 AT89LP214 AT89LP216 AT89LP428 AT89LP828
AT89LP2052 AT89LP4052 AT89S51 AT89S52 AT89S52E
AT89S53 AT89S2051 AT89S4051 AT89S8252 AT89S8253