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Angle click Angle click is a precise Hall-effect angle sensing click board that can be used to measure the rotational angle of the magnetic field in the X-Y plane above it (parallel to the surface of the click), through the whole range of 360°. The click yields very precise results for both off-axis and axis operation, which make it a perfect choice for precise measuring of the rotational angle in a wide range of different high-speed applications, for example in the automotive industry: electronic power steering, transmission, torsion bar, or the motor shaft rotation. Angle click features the A1335 Hall-effect angle sensing IC, made by Allegro MicroSystems LLC. This IC measures the magnetic field angular vector, based on the actual physical reading of the integrated Hall-effect sensor, as well as the user selected parameters, such as the digital filtering, dynamic range and scaling. The integrated 32bit MCU ensures that the processed data is delivered with a minimal delay and it has enough power to provide the complex processing of the input values so that the measurement remains fast, precise and linear.
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