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Boards which fit neatly over and extend the functionality of the mikroMedia 5" multi-media development systems.

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mikroMedia 5" for Tiva Shield
mikroMedia 5" for Tiva Shield Expand the base functionality of your mikromedia 5 for Tiva with a shield that features 4 mikroBUS host sockets. Easily add among 70+ Click boards, including, ZigBee, RS485, and and a whole range of other, more unusual functionalities, like thunder detection, proximity and color sensing etc. The shield also provides a physical layer for CAN interface, as well as a FT232R USB-UART module. Two separate 1x26 pin female sockets come with the board package.
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mikroMedia 5" Capacitive shield
mikroMedia 5" Capacitive shield Mikromedia 5 CAPACITIVE shield is the perfect way to expand the functionalities of your mikromedia 5 CAPACITIVE with 4 mikroBUSâ„¢ sockets - add any functionality from our ever-growing range of Click boardsâ„¢. We are fully stocked with everything from sensors and wifi transceivers to motor control and audio amplifiers.
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Price ex. VAT. Weight: 90g. Stock: Lead-time applicable [i]. mikroE Icon