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Ready-Start Boards (Go to Parent Category)
Boards which already contain all the basic components you need to start developing a microprocessor-based solution.
Most boards also feature MikroElektronika-standard mikroBus or IDC10 connectiors for easily adding additional functionality by connecting add-on accessory boards.
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These generic boards feature a prototyping area, MikroElektronika-standard IDC10 connectors for easily connecting add-on boards (except for the SMT microcontroller boards), serial UART to USB interface, and a reset button. Plastic enclosures (casings) are also available for the "Ready for ..." boards.
The Breeze is a prototype board for 28-pin PIC microcontrollers. It contains all the basic components needed to develop a microcontroller-based solution, as well as a number of extra features. The board is organised in the Arduino form-factor and is compatible with most Arduino shields. It also features a mikroBus socket, for easily connecting any of a huge range of mikroElektronika "click" accessory boards.
Clicker boards are small, cost-effective boards featuring a mikroBus socket. The mikroBus socket facilitates easy connection of any of a huge range of mikroElektronika "click" accessory boards.
Small, cost-effective ready-start boards all-set for USB applications.

Included are a USB bootloader (no programmer necessary) and two prototyping areas.
"Mini" boards come with a USB bootloader, and are designed to fit a DIP form-factor.
Boards specifically designed to work with the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework.
Additional ready-start boards, or ready-start board accessories, which do not fit into any of the other categories.