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Communications modules based on Infra-Red Light.

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IR click
IR click IR Click is an add-on board in the mikroBUS form factor. It is a compact and easy solution for adding an infrared (IR) remote control module to your design. It features the TSOP38338 IR receiver module as well as a QEE113 IR emitting diode. The 38 kHz receiver carrier frequency is recommended for RCMM, NEC, RC5, RC6, r-step and XMP codes. IR Click communicates with the target microcontroller via mikroBUS UART (Tx and Rx) or AN and PWM lines. Jumpers J2 and J3 allow you to choose between the two options. An SMD jumper is used to select between 3.3V or 5V power supply (soldered in 3.3V position by default).
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IR Beacon click
IR Beacon click IR Beacon click is a mikroBUS add-on board with an array of nine high speed infrared emitting diodes. It functions as a beacon device, transmitting infrared rays in a wide angle, which can be detected by nearby infrared receivers (such as the one on IR click). Each of the nine VSMB2948SL diodes have a transparent plastic package that serve as tiny lenses. The IR wave has a half intensity angle of ± 25 degrees. The diodes have high radiant power and intensity with a peak wavelengths of 940nm. IR Beacon click is suitable for high pulse current operation. The mainboard MCU drives the infrared diodes through the mikroBUS MOD pin, providing a carrier signal (which can be modified to match the frequency of the receiver). Either UART or PWM can be used to transmit a signal to a target receiver (specified by the position of the TX SEL jumper is in the middle of the board). The range is up to half a meter. You can increase it by stacking multiple IR Beacon clicks onto a same mikroBUS socket. The board can use either a 3.3V or a 5V power supply.
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IrDA2 The IrDA2 Board includes the MCP2120 driver and TFDU4101 diode. It is used to receive and convert IR pulses into the corresponding UART formatted serial data. This board enables your microcontroller to easily use IrDA communication.
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IrDA2 click
IrDA2 click IrDA2 Click is an accessory board in the mikroBUS form factor. It features the MCP2120 infrared encoder/decoder placed between the UART and infrared (IR) optical transceiver. The modulation and demodulation method is performed in accordance with the IrDA standard. The TFDU4101 diode is an infrared transceiver module compliant with the latest IrDA physical layer standard for fast infrared data communication. The board features an SMD jumper for selecting whether board will be operating on 3.3V or 5V power supply.
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IrDA 3 click
IrDA 3 click

IrDA 3 click is an intelligent IR transceiver device that can both send and receive UART commands via the IR interface. IrDA 3 click features both the IR transceiver and the encoder/decoder IC, used to convert the UART data and send or receive it in IrDA® compatible format. IrDA 3 click also has an onboard clock generator for the fastest possible UART performance of 115,200 bps, so it does not need an additional clock signal to be generated by the MCU.

IrDA 3 click provides a direct and easy to use UART to IrDA interface. The device can be used for various applications that use the short-range remote communication, such as fax machines, photocopiers, screen projectors, TV boxes, Data loggers, GPS, various system controllers and many other IRDA standard compatible applications.

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