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800VA UPS (Line Interactive)
800VA UPS (Line Interactive) An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is an electrical apparatus which provides backup power to a load when the normal power source fails. This UPS will provide near instantaneous protection from power interruptions, by using energy that is stored in a battery to substitute the normal supply. This UPS can be supplied either with or without a 7Ah or 9Ah 12V battery (these batteries are the same type used in alarm systems and are available from most electronics stores - easily interchangeable/replaceable if necessary), providing an average of 20 or 30 minutes back-up supply to one PC.

This UPS also provides surge protection - on an unstable power grid, interruptions or load shedding, as well as lightning strikes, can cause spikes which may result in damage to equipment. This UPS has lightning/surge protection up to 175 Joules.

The units are supplied with a power supply cable for the UPS, as well as two cables for supplying equipment with power from the UPS. A legacy RS232 serial cable is also included in the package.

Lead-time of approximately 1-3 days on additional stock, approximately 40 units in stock with supplier.
without Battery    R500  Qty:
Price ex. VAT. Weight: 3,700g. Stock: Lead-time applicable [i].
with 7Ah Battery    R700  Qty:
Price ex. VAT. Weight: 5,700g. Stock: 1 available immediately [i].
with 9Ah Battery    R800  Qty:
Price ex. VAT. Weight: 5,800g. Stock: Lead-time applicable [i].
LM2576-ADJ 3A, Adjustable Output Voltage (1.23-37V), Switching Regulator
TO220-5 Package

R20  Qty:
Price ex. VAT. Weight: 2g. Stock: 40 available immediately [i].
OKW Enclosure - Ergo Case L V2
OKW Enclosure - Ergo Case L V2 OKW part number B7020109 - please click here for more information.
R120  Qty:
Price ex. VAT. Est. Weight: 40g. Stock: 6 available immediately [i].
BigPIC6 Empty TQFP MCU Card - 80pin
PIC (8-bit)
BigPIC6 Empty TQFP MCU Card - 80pin Supports the PIC18F8527-PT, PIC18F8622-PT, PIC18F8627-PT, PIC18F8722-PT, PIC18F8390-PT, PIC18F8490-PT, PIC18F8520-PT, PIC18F8620-PT, PIC18F8720-PT, PIC18F8310-PT, PIC18F8410-PT, PIC18F8585-PT and PIC18F8680-PT microcontrollers.

Can be used "standalone" (without a development system) for prototyping a design using one of the above microcontrollers. Comes with a 16MHz oscillator, as well as capacitors.
On SpecialOn SpecialOn Special R110  R160  Qty:
Price ex. VAT. Est. Weight: 5g. Stock: 1 available immediately [i]. mikroE Icon