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IrDA2 The IrDA2 Board includes the MCP2120 driver and TFDU4101 diode. It is used to receive and convert IR pulses into the corresponding UART formatted serial data. This board enables your microcontroller to easily use IrDA communication.
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IrDA2 click
IrDA2 click IrDA2 Click is an accessory board in the mikroBUS form factor. It features the MCP2120 infrared encoder/decoder placed between the UART and infrared (IR) optical transceiver. The modulation and demodulation method is performed in accordance with the IrDA standard. The TFDU4101 diode is an infrared transceiver module compliant with the latest IrDA physical layer standard for fast infrared data communication. The board features an SMD jumper for selecting whether board will be operating on 3.3V or 5V power supply.
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