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IR Beacon click IR Beacon click is a mikroBUS add-on board with an array of nine high speed infrared emitting diodes. It functions as a beacon device, transmitting infrared rays in a wide angle, which can be detected by nearby infrared receivers (such as the one on IR click). Each of the nine VSMB2948SL diodes have a transparent plastic package that serve as tiny lenses. The IR wave has a half intensity angle of ± 25 degrees. The diodes have high radiant power and intensity with a peak wavelengths of 940nm. IR Beacon click is suitable for high pulse current operation. The mainboard MCU drives the infrared diodes through the mikroBUS MOD pin, providing a carrier signal (which can be modified to match the frequency of the receiver). Either UART or PWM can be used to transmit a signal to a target receiver (specified by the position of the TX SEL jumper is in the middle of the board). The range is up to half a meter. You can increase it by stacking multiple IR Beacon clicks onto a same mikroBUS socket. The board can use either a 3.3V or a 5V power supply.
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