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C Meter click C Meter click is a mikroBUS add-on board with circuitry for measuring the value of capacitors. The design is based on a NE-555 timer/square-wave generator. The chip is implemented in an astable multivibrator circuit with fixed resistors and adjustable capacitors.

The board has four different-sized plates for placing SMD capacitors (covering standard SMD packaging dimensions) as well as a socket for inserting a thru hole capacitor.

The board outputs a square wave frequency through the INT pin. Depending on the capacitor placed on the board, the value of this frequency changes. The value of a capacitor can be inferred using a simple algorithm (shown in the Libstock code example).

Onboard screw terminals are placed to allow the click to be used with multimeter probes.

C Meter click is designed to use a 5V power supply, but can work with either 3.3V or 5V logic levels.
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