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mikroMedia for PIC32 (Go to Parent Category)

mikroMedia for PIC32 The mikroMMB for PIC32 board is a small-package multimedia development board with the PIC32MX460F512L. On-board peripherals such as a 320x240 TFT Color Display with Touch Screen, Stereo Codec, etc. allows you to explore the multimedia features of the Microchip PIC32 family at an affordable price.
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Software > Compilers 
High-level software for producing microcontroller code.
PIC, AVR, ARM and 8051 compilers are available in C, BASIC and Pascal variants.
Other software applications, such as visual tools for for working with graphic LCDs and touch-screens, are also available.
mikroMedia Plus for PIC32
mikroMedia Plus for PIC32 Smart device with a large 4.3" TFT Touch Screen, or a multimedia development board - it's up to you. The board features a powerful PIC32MX795F512L device and loads of on-board modules, making it a perfect choice for your projects.
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mikroProg PIC Programmer
mikroProg PIC Programmer Programs almost any PIC, from PIC10 to PIC32.
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Visual TFT
Visual TFT Visual TFT is easy to use development software for visually building embedded GUI applications for various types and resolutions of TFT displays. This tool enables you to develop your application with TFT displays much faster and easier.
(For MikroElektronika compilers only.)
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Picadillo-35T The Picadillo-35T is a 3.5", 320x480 resolution (Half VGA), embedded display module with resistive touch and featuring the Microchip PIC32MX795F512L 32-bit microcontroller. The board has Arduino/chipKIT style headers for easy attachment of shields, and is compatible with the UECIDE, MPIDE and MPLAB X Programming IDE's. The 3.5" display together with lots of GPIO make this board a neat all-in-one solution for applications requiring a GUI.
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