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Serial LCD/GLCD Adapter (Go to Parent Category)

Serial LCD/GLCD Adapter For Alphanumeric LCD / Samsung KS0108 type GLCD.
If you need more pins, GLCD or character LCD for your applications than the Serial LCD/GLCD Adapter Board is the best choice. It is connected to an LCD/GLCD via the on-board MCP23S17 serial port expander that uses SPI communication.
On SpecialOn SpecialOn Special R155  R225  Qty:
Price ex. VAT. Weight: 7g. Stock: 1 available immediately [i]. mikroE Icon
2X16 Alphanumeric LCD
2X16 Alphanumeric LCD
Blue Backlight, 5V    R155  Qty:
Price ex. VAT. Weight: 40g. Stock: Lead-time applicable [i]. mikroE Icon
Blue Backlight, 3V-5V    R155  Qty:
Price ex. VAT. Weight: 40g. Stock: 13 available immediately [i]. mikroE Icon
128X64 Graphic LCD (GLCD)
128X64 Graphic LCD (GLCD) Samsung KS0108 type.
Blue Backlight, 5V    R270  Qty:
Price ex. VAT. Weight: 75g. Stock: 3 available immediately [i]. mikroE Icon