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Breeze B Breeze boards are versatile development boards for 28-pin PIC microcontrollers. Use them for learning, for rapid prototyping of your next project, or as the core board in your final product.
The Breeze B includes a microcontroller with built-in USB support.
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Breeze Board
A Breeze board with an 8x8 click add-on accessory board connected to it's mikroBus socket.
Breeze boards are simple yet flexible all-in-one development platforms for 28-pin PIC microcontrollers, suitable for both advanced users and absolute beginners. The versatile boards are packed with features - ready to be used should they be required, but also carefully engineered to not interfere with the simplicity of the platform. An LED on the board allows for the simplest "blink LED" application, whilst a mikroBus socket and on-board microSD socket allow for more advanced applications such as a GPS datalogger. Connectivity with Arduino shields further expands possibilities, whilst highly-configurable power-supply circuitry allows the boards to run with minimal power consumption in battery-powered applications.

Download User Manual (1.8MB)

Getting Started
A getting started guide is included in the detailed Breeze B User Manual.
Example programs are also available for the board.

Detailed Features
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  • Supports both 3.3V and 5V 28-pin DIP-package PICs (power-supply selection by SMD jumper). Comes with a PIC18F25J50 or PIC18F27J53, which feature high-speed USB and are pre-loaded with a fast USB-HID bootloader.
  • Can be powered via USB, a DC-jack connector, or a 2.54mm-pitch screw-terminal connector (optional accessories).
  • Polarity-protection diodes and fuses on both the VIN (DC-jack / screw-terminal connector) and USB power lines.
  • Power LED.
  • Organised in the Arduino form-factor (compatible with most Arduino shields, boxes, etc).
  • mikroBus socket, for easily connecting any of a huge range of mikroElektronika "click" accessory boards.
  • Additional offset PORTB socket, so that all connections on the board are available in a 2.54mm grid format - allowing standard 2.54mm-pitch veroboard or similar to be used with the board (the standard Arduino form-factor does not allow this).
  • Internal oscillator, and socket for an optional replaceable crystal oscillator.
  • miniUSB connector, and optional USB-A or USB-B connector.
  • microSD socket.
  • LED connected to PORTC.2.
  • mikroProg and PICkit programming connectors.
  • Place for a 32.768kHz oscillator, for use with the PIC18F25J50's built-in RTCC (real-time calendar/clock).
  • Highly configurable power-supply circuitry, allowing the board to possibly be powered by a 3.6V lithium cell with minimum power consumption.

Hover your mouse over features with the symbol for more information regarding these features.

DC-Jack or Terminal-Block Power Connector

USB-B or USB-A Socket (as well as miniUSB Socket)

mikroProg and PICkit programming connectors

mikroBus socket for "click" accessory boards

microSD Socket

Additional offset socket for 2.54mm grid compatibility

"ISP" header for compatibility with Arduino shields

Socket for optional external oscillator

32.768 kHz oscillator (optional) for PIC18F25J50's built-in RTCC

Versatile Expandability

The package consists of:
Development Board
Headers & Sockets

Add-On Accessory Boards
Accessory Boards
The mikroBus socket featured on the Breeze makes it easy to extend its functionality by plugging in any of a huge range of accessory boards from mikroElektronika.

View "click" Accessory Board Range