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Stepper click STEPPER click is a stepper motor driver board in the mikroBUS form factor. It features the A3967SLBT microstepping motor driver, with a built-in translator for easily driving bipolar steper motors in full-, half-, quarter- and eighth-step modes with output drive capability of 30V and about ±500 mA. The package includes a standard B5B-XH-A connector (delivered unsoldered) for easily connecting your stepper motor. The motor can be powered from either the 5V mikroBus line, or from an external power supply (5-30V) using the provided screw terminal connector. The board can communicate with either 3.3V or 5V systems (selection by means of SMD jumper). An LED diode serves as a power indicator.
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Stepper Motor (5V)
Stepper Motor (5V) 28BYJ-48
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